Not every boat manufacturing company talks about their history to potential purchasers. But, at Osprey, it's one of the first things we do. There are two reasons for this...

Firstly, we do have a history. And secondly, it's a history that we think lends itself to reassuring potential purchasers that they are about to make the right decision.

Our History

It all began in the quintessential Kiwi way with one man, Lloyd Elliott.

His early involvement, passion and expertise in design and manufacture within New Zealand's fishing boat industry, led him to form a company, Alloyd Engineering Limited.

Lloyd began manufacturing specialist aluminium fishing boats almost twenty years ago and with early customers being professional mussel farmers, the product just had to be right.

And it was. To such an extent it allowed the company to forge ahead with design and development, to the point where in 1996, the our New Zealand range of boats was unveiled. Immediately recognised for their excellence and safety, the Osprey boats have been purchased by such diverse groups as conservation departments, harbour boards and adventure tourism companies. The boats have become increasingly popular in the recreational market.

And as a New Zealander who just loves getting out on the water in the weekend, that's the thing Lloyd likes the best of all.

This experience and enthusiasm has led to sales to many diverse groups, like conservation departments, harbour boards & adventure tourism companies.


Osprey Management

Lloyd Elliott
Managing Director and Owner

Denise Elliott
Office manager

Osprey Team

Lisa Tunnicliff
Office administrator

Matt Elliott
Production Manager, Design
Hamish Martin
Factory Foreman, Design, Safety Controller

Duane Hughes
Assembly, Fabrication, Welder,
 Frank Kornelio
Assembly, Fabrication, Welder,

Alex Dean
Apprentice, fabrication, parts

Ruth Bishop
Clean & tidy

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