Alloy Boats

Alloy boats - Rugged and Built to Last

Alloy means two things when it comes to boats: rugged and built to last. Osprey Boat builders manufacture and custom build alloy boats. Designed with sleek good looks, proven performance, both tough and durable and offering safe, reliable, dry rides. Our custom built alloy boats are internationally recognised and are extensively used for adventure tourism.

The main advantages of building boats with alloy over other materials are:

  • Alloy is light weight
  • Alloy does not need any treatments once built i.e. paint, anti foul, UV inhibitors, caulking or sealing
  • Alloy resists the elements - heat, cold, sun, rain, salt etc
  • Alloy is rugged - can be run up on gravel beaches without causing any damage
  • Alloy is easy to repair in the unlikely event of damage
  • Alloy is simple to add onto at later date - it's easy for us to weld on brackets and fittings at any stage.

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Here at Osprey, our New Zealand built commercial boats have received international recognition for adventure tourism.

Our world class alloy pontoon boats, suitable for commercial and recreational use offer a stable, smooth dry ride with comfort. Rugged, built to last, safe and practically unsinkable, we build aluminium boats with style.

New Zealand crafted aluminium boats are perfect for fishing, (both family and commercial alloy boats available).

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From the compact Osprette Alloy boat, to the mid-sized Osprey Classic pontoon boat and our Osprey Plus Hardtop aluminium boats, we have the perfect solution for your boating needs.