Pontoon Boats

NZ built with World Class recognition

It's a funny thing about New Zealanders that we can be slow to recognise our own excellence. The Osprey range of alloy pontoon boats are perfect for the sort of person who is reluctant to compromise.

At Osprey we are no strangers to this phenomenon. We have our own stories of international recognition that tend to surprise. For instance, eight Osprey 500's are currently operating in the adventure tourism industry on the Grand Canyon in Colorado.

And Jacques Cousteau's grand daughter Celine has presented Shark Week documentaries for the Discovery Channel from one of our boats. In both these instances the companies involved had done their homework internationally, and found ours to be a world class alloy pontoon boat, perfect  for the conditions.

Recognition indeed.

Our alloy pontoon boats have 3 designs. All of which are manufactured lightweight but rugged, and offer safe, reliable and dry rides.


Osprey Classic

Osprey Plus