Osprey Boats - Custom Build, Design and Manufacture of Aluminium Boats

Osprey Boats custom build and manufacture their aluminium boats to give the optimum ride while ensuring safety and ease of use and maintenance.

We continually innovate at a design level to further enhance the ride and usable space, improve safety, simplify manufacture, and maximise styling of Osprey Aluminium Boats. These changes arise from a combination of ideas suggested by all our staff and from the feedback we encourage from our end users.

Why purchase an Opsrey boat over Other Brands?

Our boats are built stronger, more durable and are ALL built to exceed survey expectations. This makes our boats perfect for recreational or commercial boats and are more suitable for the rough New Zealand waters.

  • Our boats are built with a deeper 'Vee' and 'Dead Rise' giving a much softer ride
  • Our boats have finer entry & stem angles which slices through the water with less drag
  • Our boats do not add planing strakes to the bow section of the hull for added lift, they are not necessary on our hulls and the create hardness in ride and excessive spray
  • Our boats have a slower planing speed requiring less horsepower
  • Less power, less drag, all equals more economy, from purchase to use
  • Osprey do not narrow their pontoons as this reduces reserve buoyancy severly
  • Our boats are built with110 kg of inherent buoyancy per meter of pontoon (each side)
  • Our boats hold their price well, meaning you will get good resale value
  • Our boats are more attractive than any other brand
  • Osprey will customise your boat to what you want, giving that personal individuality
  • Our boats have a 5 year hull warranty

Osprey boat manufacturers build aluminium boats and ELERT Trailers. These can be purchased from Osprey NZ or from our other boat dealers.

Buy your Osprey boat directly from Osprey Factory NZ at Factory Prices customised to suit your requirements and your budget or view map for our other boat dealers.

Osprey Head Office & Manufacturing

Buy your Osprey boat directly from Osprey Factory at Factory Prices customised to suit your requirements and your budget.

Osprey Boats Ltd New Zealand
105 St Vincent Street,
Nelson, New Zealand
Phone:+64 3 548 7887

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Dolphin Marine
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Merimbula Outboard Service
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